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Letters to editor

Dear Editor:

So, I was just catching up on some of the “news,” reading the online bits one Sunday morning (2/11/13) and I see there was a boil water notice a couple weeks ago. I started wondering why can’t I get this info in a timely manner from the Water Department? I ,mean really, what am I worried about … my water couldn’t be in worse shape, except maybe contaminated with sewage and I still couldn’t get the message until it’s published in the paper after the fact?

Think about it. These days when we get information from around the world, but I can’t get news from the Water Department about the status of my water when I need to know. If they mailed me a postcard I’d find out sooner!

This reminds me of growing up in the early ’50s in Scott County. The severe weather warning system consisted of my dad putting me, my brother and mom in the “safest corner” of the house while he stood on the back porch and watched for the tornados. He did OK in the day, nighttime was harder. Since I can look out at the lake here at Choctaw from my porch, after every heavy rain, if it looks bad, and until I read in the paper that the Water Department has fixed our filter problem, I guess I’ll just assume my water is not fit for human consumption. There are 1 billion people in the world that don’t have

access to clean water. I thought they were all in third world countries!

Linda Smith, RNBC, LADAC


Dear Editor:

I live in the small community of Clinton and I am truly concerned with the nuisance of lazy pet owners who think that they do not have to follow the city ordinances that were put in place by voting citizens as myself. The ordinances in place if followed would allow your animal shelter to generate more funds to continue to operate. If all the pets not on leashes were

detained and the owners called and had to pay the fine that is stated, well let’s say the shelter would have some income! I have counted on a daily basis at least 10 cats and four dogs that travel up Fraser, Poplar, Oak, and Yellowjacket Lane with no leash. When animal control is called traps are set and then the caught animal is returned to “so called pet owner” with no consequences. Where does this madness stop? Responsible pet owners take full responsibility not just to spay and neuter and routine health care but to follow all the laws of the city where they reside. I hope and pray that no animals are mistreated because of the failure to protect one’s property and pet.

Sherry M. Bright


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