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Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

What a great Volunteer Fire Department the city of Clinton has! Thumbs up to our fire chief, D.L. Webb and his crew, and to the volunteers of the city departments for all the hard work they did on Halloween and the Family Night.

It was so nice to see so many merchants participating and giving out candy. Everyone seemed to be having as much fun as all the cute kids with so many different costumes.

My husband and I have been here 13 years and this is by far the best we have seen in the city of Clinton and the most fun.

So nice to see so many people supporting this event. Job well done!

Roy and Louise Moore


Dear Editor:

I saw in a recent story in the Democrat that 12 dogs were killed at the county animal shelter, seven of them simply because their time had run out. Seven precious lives snuffed out for no good reason. This is shameful. I would like to know the steps taken before this decision was made. Were rescues called, foster homes approached, photos posted on social media making it known that these dogs were about to be murdered? Where is the compassion for God’s four-legged creatures in this county? Why can we not get low-cost neutering here? I would like an answer to that before any more dogs or cats lose their lives for absolutely no reason. The Quorum Court is patting itself on the back for its remedy to the problems at the animal shelter, which notably is not really a “shelter” but animal “control.” I say that no problem is solved by killing and the county ordinance on the animal shelter has made an intolerable situation worse.

Betty Francis


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