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Letters to Editor — School lunches, medical marijuana

Dear Editor:

Who says we only hear, see, or read bad news? Last week’s Democrat disproves that notion. This reader was thrilled to read that both Shirley and South Side School Districts have taken steps to lessen the cost of school lunches for patrons. Wonderful! At Shirley students who were paying at a reduced rate, will now pay nothing, and at South Side, all students will be served free breakfast. I am told this means about 80 percent of students at Shirley will now have both breakfast and lunch paid for. I cannot think of a better use of my tax dollars. Funds from the National School Lunch Act provided these opportunities.

Don’t kid yourselves, some kids don’t have enough food at home, and some leave home every morning without breakfast. Those same kids often have difficulty with school work as they are more likely to experience low energy levels. In a country that provides huge farm subsidies, I have long felt we ought t be able to feed all students a free school lunch. Seems our priorities are elsewhere however. Anyway, I am certain these actions by Shirley and South Side will increase community goodwill and perhaps improve student performance, good news indeed.

Sherrin Newland Richardson


Dear Editor:

After reading this week’s letters, I am taking issue with the one on medical marijuana.

A state’s regulation of medical marijuana is not a joke. While it may not be FDA regulated, it is an all natural medication. I have more of an issue with licensed pharmaceutical companies that have turned this nation into an addict of their “FDA approved” pill taking. Have pain? Can’t sleep? Nervous? For every real or imagined symptom, take their pill. And then deal with the multitude of side effects.

What a dreary, pretend scenario was dreamed up. I, for one, am confident that the state of Arkansas would put into place rules and regulations regarding a dispensary. Surely they would not allow dirty kitty litter boxes, dogs on chains and sinks full of filthy dishes. If modeled after dispensaries similar to the ones in California, I believe they would be a clean and professional small business not located in a private home.

It’s a shame that in my parents’ lifetimes, they were not given the option of this medication. They would have had a much better quality of life while battling serious illnesses. I hope to see this issue approved in my lifetime.

Maureen Ragsdale


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