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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

When I heard that Cash Saver was coming to Clinton, I had to go to Russellville and see the operation for myself.

I met Steve Goode in person who was a welcoming friendly person and I toured the store, and of course had to buy my food while I was there.

I found the cost plus 10 percent approach was a pleasant surprise and the store will have my support.

The store has hired in excess of 65 people, what a boost this is to our community. We are blessed to have Mr. Goode here. I want to acknowledge the Bone family for the years of service to our community and for the negotiations to get Cash Saver here.

It’s all good positive changes to stimulate growth here in Van Buren County and hats off to Rose’s, a new fabric store, on Main Street.

Watch for more new stores as all work together and push to turn Clinton into a vibrant, busy, fun place to shop.

Support you local merchants.

Kitty Murdock


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