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Sheriff’s office warns of scam

The Van Buren County sheriff’s office is warning of a phone scam designed to get people’s money by claiming they have a warrant to settle.

A group of criminals are calling people in Van Buren County, claiming to be with the sheriff’s office Warrants Division from a number of (501) 209-2349, according to the sheriff’s office.

The criminals are leaving messages to call the number back or directly talking to the people they called. The criminals are telling the people they have a warrant and if they do not make arrangements to pay it, officers will be sent to their homes to arrest them.

The callers are telling people to go where money pack reloadable cards are sold and call a phone number they are given. The caller then says the person will be told at that point the amount of money the warrant commands and how much money to put on the reloadable card. Otherwise, the caller says, they will be arrested.

While on the line with the person buying the card, the criminal would ask for numbers off the cards, so they could retrieve the money for the warrants.

The Van Buren County sheriff’s office does not call people and solicit money for payments of warrants.

If the sheriff’s office telephones anyone about a warrant, the call would come from one of these numbers: (501) 745-5753, (501) 745-5642, or (501) 745-3838. No threats would be made, the sheriff’s office said.

If you get a call from (501) 209-2349, it will be a phone scam. Hang up and notify the sheriff’s office at (501) 745-2112.

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