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New logo

The Clinton City Council voted unanimously to adopt a logo for the city. Councilwoman Gayla Bradley, who made the suggestion, said she thought that a logo would give a sense of ownership to residents. The logo would be used on police cars, stationery and other city-owned items and events. The council wants the A&P Commission sponsor a contest to design a logo and bring it to the City Council. There was no discussion of how much adding a logo could cost the city. The councilors also received their new iPads at the meeting Thursday. Treasurer Dena Malone said the city bought 10 iPads, one for each councilor, one for the mayor, one for her and two for department heads to share, at a cost of $12,000. She said the expenditure was a 2013 budget line-item.

Sales tax

Clinton received $86,287 in revenue from its 1 percent sales tax, collected in February and reported in March.

Shirley received $3,241 from its 1 percent tax, and Fairfield Bay got $21,755 from its 1.5 percent sales tax.

Van Buren County has two 1 percent sales taxes, one for general revenue and one dedicated to construction bonds for the hospital.

The general revenue tax is divided among the county and its four incorporated towns based on population. Those figures for the same period are: Van Buren County, $242,494 (includes both taxes); Clinton, $21,541; Damascus, $2,070; Fairfield Bay, $17,840; and Shirley, $2,409.

Figures are provided by the Arkansas Municipal League.


Hold on to your trash for a bit. Shirley Alderwoman Lisa Hackett said she misspoke at last month’s council meeting when she stated that the date for the annual clean-up was April 6. The date is actually May 4. Drop-off will be by the rodeo arena.

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