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Fair time

The Van Buren County Fair will be in full swing this week. School Bus Days at the fair are Sept. 12-13. The Premium Livestock Auction is Saturday beginning at 10 a.m., followed by the Mayor’s Cookie Jars auction. There will be exhibitions and ribbons, rides, and the Mister Morphis One Man Band will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Even Mother Nature is expected to cooperate with the fair this year, with mild temperatures this weekend. So get some cotton candy and enjoy the views from the Ferris Wheel!


The Commissioner of State Lands office conducted an auction of Van Buren County tax-delinquent properties recently at the Van Buren County Annex in Clinton recently. A total of 14 interested bidders attended the sale, which is held annually by the state to dispose of land on which the taxes have been past due over two years. The State Land Office reported the sale of 15 parcels collecting $64,249.77 in revenue for Van Buren County and state government. The Land Commissioner’s office conducts one tax-delinquent land sale per county each year. “A small percentage of certified parcels make it to public auction because a majority of the properties certified to our office are redeemed, which means that the back taxes are paid by the original owner,” according to Commissioner John Thurston. While redemption of property is the preferred method of disposing of tax-delinquent lands, Thurston notes the important role of land sales in returning inactive parcels to the tax rolls. Thurston’s office returns delinquent tax and interest collected, whether through redemption or sale, to the county taxing unit just as if the money had been originally collected there.

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