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Construction will be taking place at the main entrance of Ozark Health Medical Center beginning Feb. 20. These renovations are expected to last several days. The hospital personnel asks that folks look for outdoor signs that are posted to guide patients and visitors to either the new North or South entrances.


The director of the Van Buren County Museum announces that the museum will be closed on Fridays until further notice. The problem, she said, is that there is a shortage of volunteers at the museum.


The change to digital scanners by local police and fire agencies has left us somewhat in the dark with our old analog device. So we are asking you, dear readers, to help us out. If you witness or hear about a fire, a traffic accident, a theft or other crime, won’t you please give us a call at 745-5175 or e-mail

Rabid cow

The Arkansas Department of Health has confirmed that a cow has died last week of rabies near Kingston, in Madison County.

Rabies in Arkansas is most often found in skunks. Reports of cattle being infected with rabies are uncommon, but in 2012 there were three in Arkansas.

This is the first one reported for 2013, but already there have been reports of 14 skunks and one dog testing positive as well. This beef cow undoubtedly got infected by a bite from a rabid skunk, probably 4-12 weeks prior to showing any symptoms, the Health Department said.

Rabies is not transmitted to people through cooked beef or pasteurized milk. Pasteurization and cooking will kill the rabies virus, therefore inadvertently drinking of pasteurized milk or eating thoroughly cooked animal products does not constitute a rabies exposure, according to the department.

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