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City hears from Schneider, stops rides from hospital’s ER

The Clinton City Council heard from Schneider Electric Energy Solutions at its meeting last week.

Steve Packard said there appeared to be some miscommunication and that Schneider had never intended its initial study to give prices on fixing the city’s Water Department, but was just “assessing possibilities.”

There has been some concern that if Schneider handles the project, the city would lose its $1.4 million grant. Packard said he did not believe that to be the case.

He also told the council that installing an Actiflo system instead of a clarifier is their recommendation.

In February 2012, the city was given two years by the Arkansas Department of Health to fix problems in the water system. If no progress has been made, fines will begin to be imposed next year.

Also at the meeting Thursday, the council decided that the police department should stop giving rides home to patients released from the emergency room.

Police Chief Toney Parish told the council that the hospital is “calling us to come up to the hospital and take people home from the ER.” Parish said he didn’t mind, but that a couple of times, the person has almost fallen. He asked if the city would have any liability if someone were hurt.

Providing transportation from the hospital is “not a good idea,” said city attorney Matt Gilmore. The council agreed.

Animal Control director Pam Hopkins told the council 28 cats have been trapped in the city since Feb. 19. Four of those were tame, two were kittens and the other 22 have been euthanized.

Mayor Roger Rorie said he is still getting calls about feral cats.

Also at the meeting:

* The council tabled a request from the Economic Development Commission for first quarter money.

* The council instructed Parish to have his officers write more speeding tickets on School Hill and on Terry Lane off Highway 65 South. At last month’s meeting, the council was asked to consider speed bumps around the school. Councilman Johnny Moore said he had spoken with residents and they did not want speed bumps.

A Terry Lane resident ask the council to lower the speed limit to 15 mph. He was told to bring back a petition from others in the neighborhood stating their support for the lowered speed limit, which currently is 25 mph.

* The council approved the appointment of Justin Bintliff to the A&P Commission.

The council’s meeting was pushed back a week this month. It’s next meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2013, at the Municipal Airport. The meetings are open to the public.

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