Master Gardeners stay busy

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<p>From left, Steve Smith, Claudia Sands, Marguerite Dory, Annalee Culp, and Eleanor Hilsenrath work in Fairfield Bay.</p>

Despite howling winds and drenching rain, three Tuscarora crepe myrtles , two Shumardii oaks, and an Autumn Blaze maple trees were planted at the Fairfield Bay Recyle Center recently. Master Gardeners Steve Smith, Al Marron, Claudia Sands, Annalee Culp, Linda Pratt, Eleanor Hilsenrath, and Marguerite Dory participated .

Earlier, Smith, Pratt, Loyd Linn, Barb Kottler and Verna Hicks attended a two-day leadership training in Eureka Springs. There were 32 Arkansas counties represented and 162 people attended.

The leadership training is one of the few events Master Gardeners attend that isn’t about plants, gardens, and flowers. Participants learned about recruiting and mentoring new members, financial management, social media promoting Master Gardeners, and conflict resolution.

The Van Buren, Cleburne, Searcy and Stone County Extension offices will be conducting training sessions to become a Master Gardener next month. Call the Van Buren County Extension Office at 745-7117 for an application.

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