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From Lallah’s GardenThe golden month of October

Have you ever experienced a more perfect month than this month of October? I believe we enjoyed all four seasons. All the colors you can imagine, the leaves are showing us. Rich would say, “Vermont has nothing on us, especially our road.”

The first of the month, we had muscadines. The Arkansas woods had them in abundance. The weather was right for them. For several years, there have not been many or any at all. A few in the kitchen, gave a wonderful pleasant wild odor.

One thing we gardeners must remember, get ready for a freeze. Old sheets spread over tender plants will protect them for a while, but start moving them inside while you can. Move a few at a time. I don’t have many this year.

I saved seeds from my garden plants this summer. You know as plants mature they send up a stalk that will bloom and produce seeds. I sprout them during the winter. I have lettuce, radish, mustard and sunflower seeds. We like to put the sprouts in our salad. They will give us needed enzymes.

Another way to get enzymes is from our homemade yogurt and Kombucha. Back in the ’90s, it seemed like everyone was making and drinking Kombucha. It’s fermented green tea. This fermented green tea is very rich in nutrition, giving the body many things we need.

There are lots of things to do in the garden before real cold weather gets here. Getting our berry patches trimmed is something we must do each year. Save those limbs for your compost.

Remember God made the garden before he made the man. It furnished everything the man needed to have life.

— Lallah Lee Ostergren

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