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From Lallah’s Garden |The Good Earth gives us what we need

The good earth has everything to give us good health. How can we get the good nutrition from the earth for our good health? We can grow a garden.

You say you would like to grow a garden but your soil is so poor, things you have tried don’t grow, including flowers. I saved information from Mother Earth Magazine June/July 2006 about a soil-building plan with natural fertilizer. It is a mix that brings balance to your garden soil for almost every garden plant you wish to grow. They say forget the acid alkaline balance, build good organic soil with this mix:

Bone meal: 1 part • Kelp meal: ½ part • Dolomite lime: ½ part • Soybean meal: 4 parts •

Agriculture lime: ½ part.

Bone meal will boast Phosphorus level.

Kelp supplies a complete range of trace minerals.

Dolomite lime supplies Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates.

Soybean meal ~ Seed meals, chemically analyzed show Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. If you want seed meals that are free of genetic modification and grown without sewage sludge or pesticides choose Certified Organic Meals.

Agriculture lime is pure Calcium Carbonate.

These natural substances will give you correctly balanced fertilizer that builds your soil. Your garden will thrive year after year and is much better than harsh synthetic chemical mixers that wear out your soil.

I also build compost to add to my garden. Besides leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scrapes you can compost junk mail, newspapers and old cotton clothing. I’ve written a lot about ways to compost and most gardeners do composting.

I plan to take a break from writing this garden column and work on my book about the joys of aging. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you gardeners and those of you who enjoy good health from our good earth. ~ Lallah Lee Ostergren

(The Democrat would like to thank Lallah for her columns over the years. We wish her the best with her book and in her garden.)

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