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Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Is the north polle rill. I want ten baby Alife dipers. I want a bike with a hellmit. I want a nuthr tea set. I want some cookies. I will leav some cookies for you.

Emily Pruitt

from Sarah Vernon’s first-grade class, Cowsert Elementary

Dear Santa,

I am 7 years old. Santa am I on the naught list? I want a bait caster, crayfishbait and a braided line. Also a bass bait. I also want a sorkel and mask. I want a microscope. Also a live leopard gecko.

Brady Horton

from Kim Treece’s first-grade class, Cowsert Elementary

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa will you ples tel Mrs. Clos I love her. I what a noo gittar. I’ll be eshra good. My mom needs some sleep.

Love, Gracie B.

from Crystal Hendrix first-grade class, Cowsert Elementary

More letters from Santa, 1B and 2B. Next week: Santa got stuck in the chimney! How do you get him out?

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