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From Lallah’s GardenThe golden month of October

When I look down my road that brought me home, it has never been more beautiful. Colorful leaves of brilliant reds, gold, orange — some still green and those brown ones, Oh My! Such joy. It feels like my heart sings.

How about these temperatures? On the 20th, my cat Zorro and I went outside in the early cold morning. My big warm quilt kept us cozy in my backdoor garden area. Zorro stuck his head out in the front, where the quilt folded over he sat on my lap.

On the 22nd, we went out back early, around 5 a.m. our favorite time. The wind was warm, it felt like yards of the softest silk wrapping around us. As the birds were singing their songs, we sat still and listened. We heard a coyote howl, then Bruce responding with a howl. Roosters were crowing, welcoming the new day.

Did you get a storm Wednesday evening, the 17th? We had strong winds, heavy rain, lots of lightening and bushels of marble-size hail. My fall and winter garden all shredded! That was my third planting. “Yes, Mama, I will try, try again.” I must tell you though it was stressful. I am so thankful we are having a meeting on how to deal with stress. Stress Relief and Stress Management Workshop, Nov. 10, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Community Center in Leslie will be given by Sharon Heller, Master of Science in Health and Wellness Promotion. For more information call Victoria Pate at (870) 447-2611.

We had a few strawberry plants survive. There is a good place in the backdoor garden to put them for next spring. We had a dead tree in that area, every so often a limb would fall. I wanted that tree taken down so that part of the garden would be safe. We felt that when we cut the tree it would take down two fences, maybe our cabin too. Our new neighbor Charlton Craston said that he could take the tree down. He showed us where it would fall and it did! There was a 14-inch space for the 11-inch tree. That big tree fell where he said it would! How about that? Now, we call that area our strawberry garden patch.

I’ve planted kale and collards, some will fill my kitchen’s south window; some will be put in the greenhouse. I bought grow lights several years ago, I will try the rest in those. It will be an experiment. I’ll let you know if it is successful.

Chickweed is growing, leeks are coming back, one box of celery had a few survive and a few parsley sprouts are growing. The leaves were shredded, but the center was not hit directly. Amazing! These greens are so good for us in juice and salads. I have Mama’s green winter onions growing again for our salad.

Do we Arkansas people give up? No, we do not!

Lallah Lee Ostergren has been an organic gardener for more than 35 years. If you would like some gardening advice from Lallah, write to her care of the newspaper at P.O. Box 119, Clinton AR 72031.

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