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In honor of Valentine’s Day, local author and poet Freeda Baker Nichols shares a couple of her poems.

Oh, Valentine

Oh, Valentine, to make you smile

on days when rain is cold and damp,

I will dress up in lace and style.

I will go down the darkest mile

to guide you like a shining lamp,

oh, Valentine, to make you smile.

I’ll write love letters all the while

until my fingers start to cramp.

I will dress up in lace and style.

Be mine, I say to reconcile

and ask if you will be my champ––

oh, Valentine, to make you smile.

To keep away the crocodile,

I’ll stand as guard beside your camp.

I will dress up in lace and style.

When I lock up my domicile,

upon my door will be this stamp:

oh, Valentine, to make you smile,

I will dress up in lace and style.

The Love of a Good Man

The chocolates that he brought were cherry-filled.

They tasted sweet when melted on my tongue.

He squeezed my hand so tightly that it thrilled

my heart—back then—when we were very young.

The diamond ring he gave to me shone bright

as golden sequins on a gown of green.

Like sparkling stars that complement the night,

the ring would please a gem-collecting queen.

And now our lives are passing in review.

Though yellow strands of hair have turned to gray,

he holds my hand the way he used to do.

Still thrilled, I’m thankful that he came to stay.

I found true love that changed my way of life

the day when I became this good man’s wife.

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