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School Menus

May 5-9

Clinton Elementary & Intermediate

Monday Breakfast: Cereal, Pop Tarts. Lunch: Hamburger, oven fries, mixed fruit.

Tuesday Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, spiced apple slices. Lunch: Soft taco, pinto beans, cinnamon roll, applesauce.

Wednesday Breakfast: Breakfast bagel, rice, dried fruit. Lunch: Chicken patty, creamed potatoes, green beans, roll, pears.

Thursday Breakfast: Waffle squares, sausage, strawberries. Lunch: Ravioli, salad, corn, French bread, pineapple.

Friday Breakfast: Cereal, goody bun. Lunch: Grilled chicken fillet, broccoli and cheese, black-eyed peas, blueberry muffin square, peaches; 4th-6th grade Rodeo Day Lunch: Peanut butter sandwich, broccoli and carrot sticks with ranch dressing, baked chips, apple, cookie.

Clinton Junior & Senior High

Salad bar when available

Monday Breakfast: Cereal, cinnamon toast, orange wedges. Lunch: Hot dog, salad, oven fries, apple.

Tuesday Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, blueberries. Lunch: Chicken strips, creamed potatoes, green beans, roll, pears.

Wednesday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit, gravy. Lunch: Lasagna, salad, California-blend vegetables, Italian bread, pineapple.

Thursday Breakfast: Breakfast bagel, rice, peaches. Lunch: Nacho salad, pinto beans, cinnamon roll, applesauce.

Friday Breakfast: Cereal, French toast sticks, hot cinnamon apple slices. Lunch: Manwich, coleslaw, baked beans, chips, peaches.

Shirley Schools

Monday Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, trail mix. Lunch: Pizza, corn, salad, peaches, chocolate mousse.

Tuesday Breakfast: Orange/cranberry muffin, cereal, banana. Lunch: Chicken fajita, spicy pintos, Mexicali corn, apple, carrot cake.

Wednesday Breakfast: Pancakes. Lunch: Turkey/noodles, peas and carrots, salad, grapes, cheese biscuit.

Thursday Scrambled eggs, angel biscuit. Lunch: Meat loaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, pears, garlic bread.

Friday Breakfast: French toast sticks, trail mix. Lunch: Chicken sandwich, celery and broccoli stick with ranch dressing, tater tots, fruit cocktail.

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