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School Menus Jan. 20-24

School Menus

Jan. 20-24

Shirley Schools

Monday Breakfast: Pancake on a stick. Lunch: Crispitos, cheese dip, seasoned pintos, bell pepper strips, banana pudding.

Tuesday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast. Lunch: Turkey pot pie, crackers, baby carrots, celery, apple sauce.

Wednesday Breakfast: Biscuit and gravy. Lunch: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, pineapple, biscuit.

Thursday Breakfast: Cereal, toast, fruit. Lunch: Mexican chicken and rice, salad, mixed fruit.

Friday Breakfast: French toast sticks. Lunch: Vegetable beef soup, crackers, open-face grilled cheese, raisin box, snickerdoodle.

Clinton Elementary & Intermediate

Monday Breakfast: Cereal, cinnamon toast. Lunch: Chicken noodle soup, crackers, salad, carrot sticks, cheese sandwich, orange.

Tuesday Breakfast: Cheesy scrambled eggs, biscuit, pears. Lunch: Barbecue pork on bun, coleslaw, baked beans, applesauce, chocolate chip cookie.

Wednesday Breakfast: Waffle, applesauce. Lunch: Chicken fajita, pinto beans, mixed fruit.

Thursday Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, peaches. Lunch: Shake and Bake chicken, creamed potatoes, green beans, biscuit, spiced apple slices.

Friday Breakfast: Cereal, French toast sticks. Lunch: Corn dog, black-eyed peas, potato wedges, pineapple.

Clinton Junior & Senior High

Salad bars when available

Monday Breakfast: Cereal, Pot Tarts. Lunch: Ham and cheese Hot Pocket, salad, tater tots, mixed fruit.

Tuesday Breakfast: Cereal, granola bar. Lunch: Enchilada, salad, pinto beans, cornbread, peaches.

Wednesday Breakfast: Pancake pups, applesauce. Lunch: Turkey roast with gravy, creamed potatoes, wheat rolls, dessert, applesauce.

Thursday Breakfast: Breakfast bagel, rice, peaches. Lunch: Chicken spaghetti, salad, black-eyed peas, garlic wheat bread, fruit juice, pears.

Friday Breakfast: Cereal, toast, jelly, grapes. Lunch: Corn dog, broccoli and carrot sticks with Ranch dip, baked beans, pineapple.

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