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Arkansas Tech University

Dean’s List

Megan Elizabeth Ayres, Bee Branch (4.0)

Whitney Kayla Deckard, Cleveland

Kelsey Brianna Flowers, Cleveland

Randie Nicole Jones, Cleveland (4.0)

Jordan David Greer, Clinton

Anthony Dylan Guerrieri, Clinton (4.0)

Nicholas Gage Guerrieri, Clinton (4.0)

Amanda Renae Mitchell, Clinton

Annice Jean Olejniczak, Clinton

Kristin Sue Pruitt, Clinton

Lauren Leigh Smith, Clinton

Christina Marie Stanfield, Clinton

Taylor Daniell Tucker, Clinton (4.0)

Rachelle May Bishop, Dennard

Blake E. Horsman, Fairfield Bay, (4.0);

Dylan Boyd Stewart, Fox

Dalton Lee Brock, Leslie (4.0)

Timothy Audrain Hardin, Leslie (4.0)

Taylor Nicole Burgess, Shirley (4.0)

Heather M. Holland, Shirley

Arkansas State University

Chancellor’s List (3.8 to 4.0 grade point average)

Taylor Love, Clinton

Sarah Brown, Shirley

Grant Harper, Shirley

Harding University

Dean’s List

Kohlton Davidson, Clinton

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