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Master Gardeners plan new projects

Janet Carson, extension horticulture specialist, met with local Master Gardeners and county officials recently to discuss a new landscaping plan for the Courthouse grounds.

County Judge Roger Hooper asked Carson and the Van Buren County Master Gardeners to review the site and submit suggestions and a working plan to update the landscaping to complement the newly renovated native stone Courthouse that was originally constructed in 1934 with the assistance of the Works Progress Administration program.

The courthouse is “a neat historical building and with the right landscaping it will look fantastic,” Carson said. “They plan to put in a sprinkler system and plant the entire property, which right now is almost a blank slate.”

After reviewing the Courthouse area the group toured another Master Gardeners’ project at the Courthouse Annex on Highway 65. The Master Gardeners took this opportunity to show off some of their large landscape projects planted with a wide range of diverse plants.

Anyone interested in becoming a Master Gardener can call county extension agent Danny Griffin at 745-7117 or Eleanor Hilsenrath, president of the county group, at (501) 252-7272 for an application. Becoming a Master Gardener required 40 hours of training sessions. Applications are due by Oct. 23, 2013.

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